Sports Aerobics

Sport aerobics is a competitive sport originating from traditional aerobics in which complex, high-impact combinations and skills movements of varying difficulty are combined with music and choreography in a competition routine. The routine includes the completion of four (4) consecutive, identical and stationary repetitions of each of the following three (3) Compulsory Exercise categories: Jumping jacks, Alternating High Leg Kicks and Push Ups as well as the completion of one (1) of the movements from each of the following categories (or “groups”) of obligatory movements: Push Up Group, Static Strength Group, Aerial Group and Split Group. Sports Aerobics is a competitive sport that combines elements of sport acrobatics together with music, dance and choreography.

Aerobic Teams

Fitness Aerobics uses the basis of High Impact Aerobics together with music that has a very strong, clear, fast beat. It does not have any compulsory movements and does not encourage sports aerobics skill movements. There is a focus on non-stop high impact aerobic combinations which are enhanced by creative sequencing.

Step Teams

Universal Step guidelines describe very clearly how to perform step training with correct stepping technique. Despite the physical condition of the athletes participating in competitions, the guidelines must be considered so as to not cause physical stress or injury during training and competition. FISAF (the Federation of International Sports Aerobics and Fitness), is the non-profit umbrella organization and is active in more than 40 countries. It is often described as "the largest fitness industry organisation in the world" as well as "the largest instructor certification agency in the world". FISAF offers not only training and accreditation, it also hosts national and international-level competitions which lead up to the annual World Championship. For more information on FISAF International and it’s competitions check out their website or our affiliates page. You can also check out a timeline history of Sports Aerobics in our timeline document in our document library found here.

Sport Aerobics Organogram

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